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Super Awesome Sylvia’s Gift Guide
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Darice 80-Piece Art Set $17.25
Art kits are fun to use because you have lots of mediums to choose from, tools and canvases that can be used to make a great picture. I really like these sorts of kits because they inspire me to do a lot more in art. I think they are a great gift for young artists and doodlers alike.

There are many different types of art kits and range in price depending on what is included and sometimes depending on the quality of the supplies inside. You can even get little ones to use as stocking stuffers!

Stett Holbrook

Stett Holbrook

Stett Holbrook is editor of the Bohemian, an alternative weekly in Santa Rosa, California. He is a former senior editor at Maker Media.

He is also the co-creator of Food Forward, a documentary TV series for PBS about the innovators and pioneers changing our food system.

  • ballisticlocomotive

    This is a great list, a little something for everyone. There are 2 or 3 gifts on here that I didn’t even know exist!