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  • This slideshow is driving me crazy. I don’t know if it’s firefox or what, but it absolutely isn’t working right. Why not just put them in an article layout!?!?!

    • Seconded on the slideshow being horribly broken.

      I can’t even get to the second slide, so I only got one tip for drilling better holes. :(

  • Drew benson

    Wow, that slideshow is a disaster. I get half-way through reading one slide, the next slides in. I hit the back button, it goes forward again. I hit “View All Slides”, I get the next slide. I try to write a comment, and the comment box jumps up and down the page. The big question: why a slideshow? Slideshows are for pretty pictures, not informative instructions.

  • Dek

    Yes slideshow is terrible. At least allow manual control of the show.

  • The slide show has got to go!

  • Jonathan

    And neither the slideshow, nor the manual controls, work at all in Chromium…

  • Todd

    The slideshow does not appear to be working in Firefox. I agree with the other comments here. Slideshows are for the “People Magazines” of the internet. Make should strive to be *more* informative, not less.

  • no

    Ditto all of the above. Chrome 24.0.1312.57

  • Slide show doesn’t work – Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m
    I liked the blog stories better when I could actually read the stories and see something other than the first photo.

  • Porktree

    This couldn’t be any worse if it was done in powerpoint.

  • Jason

    Argh! Why won’t the slideshow work for me?!?! I pretty much avoid any Makezine slideshows now just because they’re such a pain. I’ve been trained to not even bother.

  • Ditto on the slideshow not working. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever worked properly for me (in FireFox 18.0.2). Heck, even this comment entry form seems to be acting all screwy right now…

  • Gerhard Bocksch

    This slidewhow is stupid. I cant even read my own comment because it jumps up and down while typing.

  • nurrys

    thank you for taking the time to take pictures for us as for the slideshow did not have a problem with it

  • Tien Gow

    Interesting topic — please re-post as a normal article so we can read it. And PLEASE, no more slideshows!

  • Chuck Malloch

    At least in Firefox, the slideshow is indeed the above-mentioned disaster.

  • c1josh

    Where is the “Show All” button?


  • seth

    this is not true for metal. with metal you need lots of force. the correct force for a 1/2″ drill in metal is 150 lbs !

  • seth

    again slide 2 tis false. one good bit is all you need. the only time you should use multiple bits is a very small pilot hole for a rather large bit. using multiple bits just wears out the shoulders.

  • no

    wow, the slideshow sucks for me too, but because it just doesn’t play nice with my resolution. There’s a large space between the top of the pop in and the top of the webpage, then about the same amount of space for the title of the slideshow. By the time I get to actual content, we’re a solid third of the way down my screen. Absolutely terrible.

  • Peter Hansen

    I have two safety-related suggestions to add.

    First, certain types of bits such as Forstner bits and fly cutters should only be used in a drill press.

    Second, whatever you’re drilling needs to be secured so that it won’t spin if the bit catches. Hand pressure is not enough. Workpieces need to be clamped down or held against a fence of some sort.

  • it is a nice , BASic instruction, but if you are using visuals to instruct, put glasses on. Visual learners will remember what they saw, not what you said…

  • Alan

    In addition to correct pressure as Seth mentioned, drilling metal does not always require a slow speed. Speed should be matched to the hardness of the metal and the type of bit; charts for this are widely available. Going slow in a soft metal like copper wil hog the bit, breaking it or yanking the drill out of your hands, a situation the author mentions that he has been injured by.

  • Regarding using oil for drilling metal – old timer machinists have always recommended bacon grease (doesn’t matter if it is rancid or not); keep it in the fridge, a little goes a long way, and it’ll make your shop smell great (well, if you’re not a vegetarian/vegan, I suppose!)…

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  • ottoyummi

    A common misconception is using oil while drilling for every type of
    metal. The process of drilling works on friction between the metal drill
    bit and the metal work piece and when you use oil you reduce the
    friction, causing the bit to slip, making you push harder exacerbating
    the problem and causes them to wear out faster. This is especially true
    for ferrous metals and the best solution is actually water. You want to
    keep the bit cool, it will reach the boiling temperature of whatever
    medium you use, water boils at 212F, oil can boil up to 600F which makes
    water the obvious choice for drilling ferrous metals. For soft metals a
    light petroleum oil will help keep shavings from sticking to the bit
    which can cause excessive heating and break down of the bit. Commercial steel
    machinists use a water based coolant which has a lubricating component to
    keep the machines from rusting up if pure water were used day in and
    day out.