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Swiss pocketwatch interior The watch that started it all for Tim Hunkin. When he inherited this pocketwatch made in Switzerland in about 1800, he wanted to see what made it tick. (photo by Tim Hunkin)

  • Wow, that is a very nice Fusee watch. Nice job getting that running again!

  • Did you have any issues with the click wheel on the fusee? Or, i mean the ratchet mechanism at the bottom of the fusee? I have an old English watch from 1865 which has a brass wheel at the bottom of the fusee that is used as the ratchet which is completely worn down (otherwise the movement runs).

  • James Tascione

    YIKES!! I have had to make Fusee chain links for my dad’s restoration business back in the day.I also had to cut balance staffs out of raw stock on a lathe using an eye loop carbide gravers and micrometers ….As the restoration of museum pieces for horology are interesting and elaborate at times,i surely do not miss it…lol