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Sewing 101: Buttonholes

By Nicole Vasbinder If zippers are one of the most intimidating things in sewing, well buttonholes are a close second! Not to fear, I will show you just how simple and fast they are when you have the proper tools. And did you know that you can sew on a... Read more »

Sewing 101: Zippers

By Nicole Vasbinder Over the course of my teaching career, I have heard countless students say that they are terrified of zippers. And that they will avoid styles that call for a zipper. This makes me sad as they are really not that hard and most skirts and dresses call... Read more »

Sewing 101: Hems

By Nicole Vasbinder Many times a pattern will simply tell you to hem a garment and not go into much detail. Or maybe they only give you one option and you would like to try something new. There are lots of different ways to finish hems on skirts, pants, dresses,... Read more »

Kitchen 101: Essentials

By Katie Goodman When Natalie posted a survey on the CRAFT Facebook page about what types of food articles CRAFT readers would like to see, several of you mentioned that you’d like to know what the kitchen essentials are — what tools, pots and pans, gadgets, etc. are considered absolutely... Read more »