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Best of 2012: 3D Printed Objects

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 11.15.41 AM

While 3D printers don't yet compete with toasters and DVD players in the home, the dam on the consumer market has been breached as the number of lower priced, easy-to-use models--and those who use them--grows. Part of this trend surely comes from the ever-expanding catalog of 3D printed objects, from... Read more »

Best of 2012: Toolsday

The Easydriver

We started doing tool-review-Tuesdays—inevitably compounded to "Toolsdays" in short order—in early 2011, and 2012 has been the column's first full calendar year. The reviews are written on a volunteer basis by MAKE staff and friends. Sometimes a manufacturer or retailer provides a review unit, but as often as not, the... Read more »


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