How to Improve a RC Quadcopter Design


My job at 3D Systems gives me the 3D tools to tinker at a high level. The highest level, really, considering we’ve got scanning, design, and 3D printing right here. I’m a lucky guy. So when my quadcopter started to show some of its design flaws, I took to a... Read more »

The Duality of the Physical and Digital Worlds


With easy-to-use 3D printers and 3D software, we’ve come a long way in giving everyone the tools to create with confidence. Yet for most people one piece was still missing: the ability to bring physical objects into the digital world and to complete the transaction, inextricably linking the two worlds... Read more »

Making History Live Again With 3D Technology


One of the essential qualities of 3D technology that I most love is its versatility. We’ve already found a multitude of uses for it. And with all the creative people on the planet, we will continue to find more unique, whimsical, pioneering ways to exercise it. 3D technology really is... Read more »

Going Big with Legos

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.47.08 PM

Innovation happens anywhere, anytime, with anything. Sometimes, you don’t need a bunch of expensive tools or multi-syllable equipment to engineer the ultimate mixture of art and science. Sometimes, you only need imagination and a few Legos … Well, those and one highly accomplished Lego builder. After a year, he produced... Read more »

How to Create a new Generation of Innovators


With fun, relatable technology, children can immerse themselves in finding solutions and asking the right questions. Early on, they can experience the joy of creating something. We give them tools, then let them exercise the engineer inside from K-12 and beyond. That’s how you create innovators. Read more »