3DShook Offers a Curated Collection of 3D Designs


As more and more users turn to design sharing sites like Thingiverse or Youmagine, the communities grow and more designs are available to the world at large. The only problem? Not all of the users uploading designs are sharing good content. While these sites have collected amazing works by extremely generous and talented... Read more »

This Week in 3D Printing: Food, Fashion, and Carbon3D’s Funding

Keating gives a presentation on how he found his brain tumor

$10M to Carbon3D Last week, we featured a University of Buffalo student who printed a 40×40×100mm Eiffel Tower in just over 12 minutes. That same day, VentureBeat reported that Carbon3D — another startup working on speedier 3D printing — received $10M from Autodesk’s 3D printing fund. Carbon3D calls the technology Continuous... Read more »

Fix Discolored 3D Prints with Fire


Okay, let’s start this one with a perform at your own risk disclaimer. Fire is dangerous, plastic fumes are dangerous, so please be careful. This week, some of my fellow hackers from Ocean State Maker Mill and I attended a charity event and demonstrated 3D printing to the attendees. We decided that... Read more »

Triple Threat: BoXZY Puts Printing, Milling, and Lasers in One Small Box


On my way to the Midwest RepRap Fest, I stopped in at HackPittsburgh to meet up with the BoXZY team and take a look at their new machine in person. BoXZY is doing well on Kickstarter; with its promise of being an all in one 3D printer, milling machine, and laser etcher, it’s enticing backers. The BoXZY features... Read more »