This 3D Printer Mod Lets You Carve Metal With Electricity

MM - 3D EDM 1

Take any 3D printer, throw on this modular head, and use it as an EDM machine to do precise metal carving. Exciting stuff! What’s EDM? Electro-Discharge Machining or “spark erosion” is a fairly specialized field that not many hobbyists are familiar with. The technique flips traditional electrical design upside down... Read more »

Ridiculous Mechanism Punches 3D Prints off Your Printer


There have been multiple solutions to the problem of automatically removing 3D prints from your 3D printers’ build platform — from Makerbot’s patented Automated Build Platform to Ultimaker’s script to bump the prints off after they are complete. Now MatterHackers have made a little video of the best method I have found... Read more »