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Prototypes That Last: Simple Tips for Making Durable Parts, Part 2


In the previous installment of Prototypes that Last, we investigated several simple, powerful ways of predicting and improving the load limits of the parts you make. That’s pretty cool, but we have conveniently overlooked the fact that the elastic deformation of mechanical components can sometimes become a problem long before... Read more »

Extraterrestrial 3D Printing


In partnership with NASA, Made in Space, Inc. recently announced that they'll be sending one of their custom 3D printers to the International Space Station in August of 2014. The benefits of being able to print in space are clear: envision the potential lowering of NASA's costs by granting crew... Read more »

The Emergence of 4D Printing


MIT researcher Skylar Tibbits recently revealed some of his fascinating work in the field of self-assembling structures, coined "4D Printing". The four dimensions in question here aren't all spacial -- the "4D" aspect utilizes three spacial dimensions, in the form of 3D Printing, and an additional time dimension. The parts... Read more »


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