Lost PLA Casting from 3D Prints


Jeshua Lacock recounted his experience of casting metal parts directly from 3D Printed PLA with a fantastic photo-filled writeup and video. He prints the part with his Ultimaker and pours mold material around it before letting it set. After the mold hardens, it's placed in his homemade furnace to melt... Read more »

How to Dye Your 3D Prints


Why pay more for colored prints when you can use off-the-shelf dyes to make them any color you want? Atlanta-based designer Colleen Jordan walks us through the simple process of dying 3D Printed parts from Shapeways, or a similar service, in just a few steps. Read more »

A Conversation With 3D Artist Joshua Harker


Joshua Harker has been a maker and artist his whole life. He worked professionally as a product and toy designer for a few years before turning to 3D art. Within the last year and a half, he's created the first and fourth most funded sculpture projects on Kickstarter, and sold... Read more »