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Jeri’s A to Z Electronics

MAKE pal Jeri Ellsworth has produced the first two in a series of A to Z electronics videos, sponsored by Adafruit. Here are A is for Ampere and B is for Battery (I think I watched too much Sesame Street as a kid). Jeri Ellsworth’s YouTube Channel More: Check out... Read more »

MAKE presents: The Multimeter

Get acquainted with the Digital Multimeter – an engineer’s best friend! The ability to test resistance, voltage, current & continuity are vital to any electronics maker – even the freshest of newbies. In fact, having a reliable multimeter on hand is a huge help when learning the basics. Even before... Read more »

Make: Electronics book giveaway

We’re very proud of Make: Electronics, the beginner’s guide to electronics written by MAKE contributing editor Charles Platt. It has consistently been an O’Reilly bestseller and has already been through several printings. It’s a hit! It seems to fulfill the exact purpose we set for it, which was to basically... Read more »

There Are No Electrons (book review)

There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings Kenn Amdahl Clearwater Publishing, 1991, $12.95 As an obsessively visual person (and someone who suffers from dyslexia), I have a hard time understanding concepts that aren’t graphical or story-driven in nature. Give me a spreadsheet of statistics on something or a math formula... Read more »

Skill Set: Math for electronics

Math in your Head Or, Doing Useful Work in a Traffic Jam By Ross Hershberger Equations for electronics math are available anywhere. If you have the excellent Maker’s Notebook, with its reference section and a calculator, you can plug in numbers and get answers to many of your circuitry questions.... Read more »