How-To: Map proprietary connectors

Dan Reetz hates it when manufacturers make up a proprietary connector when there are viable standard alternatives, so he gave the Casio EX-FH100 shutter release/video/USB cable what it had coming: a good hack. The process is abstracted enough to take this technique to another situation, and his tutorial is funny,... Read more »

Skill Set: Soldering

The Xytronic 258, an all-around good starter iron It all starts with soldering. Over the years, we’ve been on something of a mission to teach soldering to all of our readers and we hope we’ve encouraged some of you to take the plunge. If not, now’s the time! It’s really... Read more »

Introducing Make: Skill Sets

In the past, we’ve run monthly themes on the site (e.g. Earth Sciences, Alt.Transportation, Citizen Science). This year, we’re going to do a series of monthly “Make: Skill Sets” (special articles and projects and round-ups of existing projects and posts designed to teach basic competency in a discipline). To coincide... Read more »