NYC’s Next Payphone Could Be Maker-Made


Windchimes is a maker-made payphone project, and one of six finalists in NYC's Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge. Windchimes was inspired by NYC's community gardens and includes environmental sensors to talk over existing infrastructure. Read more »

Prototype a Puppet Play


Gal Sasson is running this puppet theater project using little more than an Arduino and some control software on a computer. The puppets, theater, and control box are all handmade. Read more »

BeetBox Sets Standard for Vegetable-based Instruments


For the ITP classes Tech Crafts and Materials and Building Strategies, Scott Garner created the BeetBox, a tuber-based electronic drum machine. The instrument uses six beets connected to capacitive sensors to play samples on a Raspberry Pi. Here are the full details on the internals: Touch sensing is handled by... Read more »