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Still Going ‘Round in Circles


Well, Math Mondays might as well just go ahead and admit it. It is incurably addicted to great circles. Inspired by the latest reader feedback on the topic, Math Mondays decided to team up with Grace Whitney of Stony Brook, NY to polish off the outstanding great circle challenge: the... Read more »

Readers Respond: Kite Math


Math Mondays has been accumulating a lot of mail from all you fellow makers out there with a mathematical bent so today's installment marks the beginning of a series (the length of which depends on how much more mail you all send) based on readers' responses to earlier columns Read more »

Instant Tetrahedron Report


The best-laid plans oft are improved with a dollop of rehearsal and testing, and so it was with the scheme for building the Instant Giant Tetrahedron at the recent World Science Festival Street Fair at Washington Square Park in Manhattan, NY. Trials showed two key points: the stringing process described... Read more »

Instant Giant Tetrahedron


Continuing a Math Mondays tradition of building Sierpinski triangles and tetrahedra out of various materials, today we're going to do it with mailing tubes. The basic unit requires six identical mailing tubes and a piece of cord or twine about 8.5 times as long as the tubes. Read more »

Penny Sierpinski Triangle


Here's a project we did a long time ago in collaboration with Vi Hart, that somehow never made it into Math Mondays. The idea is simple: lay out pennies on a large horizontal surface, such as a floor, in the pattern of a Sierpinski triangle. How many? Well, the basic... Read more »


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