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Math Monday: Linkages – Four Bars, One Freedom


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Last time began a journey through the world of mechanical/mathematical linkages, a journey we take up in earnest today. See the previous column for the MoMath Linkage Kit, an introduction, and general instructions. If we’re really going to understand linkages, what makes... Read more »

Math Monday: Linkages – An introduction


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics There is perhaps no topic that has brought the worlds of math and practical construction so close together as the study of linkages. These are mechanical systems of bars and joints (and sometimes plates and hinges and slides, but we’re going to... Read more »

Math Monday: Prime Wardrobe


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Although Math Mondays has featured mathematical clothing before, it turns out there is an entire subgenre of clothing and accessories featuring those indivisible nuggets of the arithmetical world, the prime numbers. These range from the most basic, a list of prime numbers... Read more »

Math Monday: Try a Torus


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Just suppose you wanted to make your own model of the Ungar-Leech map on the surface of a torus, like this one created by Norton Starr in 1972: You’d probably want to start by making a torus. And just suppose you didn’t... Read more »

Math Monday: Tetrahedron Ripples


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Before we leave the topic of Sierpinski Tetrahedra, with which many Math Mondays have been concerned, I wanted to highlight the story of one particularly impressive Sierpinski Tetrahedron which has indirectly inspired a host of young makers. Namely, it’s this record-setting order-seven... Read more »

Math Monday: Hula Hoop Geometry, Part II


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics When last we left our intrepid hula-hoop-armed mathematical makers, they had just suffered a collapse of the Sierpinski tetrahedron midway between order 2 and order 3.  What to do? In clawing through the twisted wreck, we discovered three major modes of failure: ... Read more »


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