Math Monday: Hula Hoop Geometry, Part 1


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Math Mondays have so far featured a wide array of different items from which one can make a tremendous variety of geometric constructions, but there has not yet been one on hula hoops. This week and next we’ll remedy that oversight. Also,... Read more »

Math Monday: Grocery Geometry

By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics MoMath colleague Dave Masunaga and I were chewing on some of the tasty macadamia nuts, while chewing on some interesting problems that may show up in the Museum of Mathematics this December, when we realized that the pleasant and unusual geometry of... Read more »

Math Monday: Paper Polyhedra


By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics If you’ve never made a set of the Platonic solids from paper, perhaps it’s time to try it. These shapes are the foundation for many aspects of three-dimensional design. Here is a set made with open faces, but the openings are strictly... Read more »

Math Monday: 12-Card Star Puzzle


Here is a challenging star construction you can make from twelve playing cards. The underlying geometric form is the third stellation of the rhombic dodecahedron. However, there is a twist in this design that makes it somewhat tricky (but fun) to assemble. Read more »

Math Monday: Acrylic Frabjous Kit


By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics Frabjous is a sculpture that consists of thirty identical parts which are assembled into a geometric star with twelve spiral vortices. A few years ago, a MAKE post showed how to make a cardboard version that requires many hours of hobby knife... Read more »