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Math Monday: Hula Hoop Geometry, Part 1


By Glen Whitney for the Museum of Mathematics Math Mondays have so far featured a wide array of different items from which one can make a tremendous variety of geometric constructions, but there has not yet been one on hula hoops. This week and next we’ll remedy that oversight. Also,... Read more »

Math Monday: Paper Polyhedra


By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics If you’ve never made a set of the Platonic solids from paper, perhaps it’s time to try it. These shapes are the foundation for many aspects of three-dimensional design. Here is a set made with open faces, but the openings are strictly... Read more »

Math Monday: 12-Card Star Puzzle


Here is a challenging star construction you can make from twelve playing cards. The underlying geometric form is the third stellation of the rhombic dodecahedron. However, there is a twist in this design that makes it somewhat tricky (but fun) to assemble. Read more »