Bluetooth: The Next Generation

Ember and Torch are Arduino-compatible boards with built-in Bluetooth LE support.

Bluetooth has never had a reputation as being easy to work with, but with the arrival of the Bluetooth LE standard, all that has changed. We look at two of the new Arduino-compatible micro-controller boards on Kickstarter with Bluetooth LE built-in. Read more »

Teardown of the TI SensorTag

Last time I was up in Rhode Island my good friend Brian Jepson pushed a small red box into my hands with the words, "...try this, you'll love it." I immediately started looking for the blue pill. However I needn't have worried, because it turned out to be a SensorTag... Read more »

Easily Control Ambient Lighting with Your Smartphone


If you're looking to jumpstart an ambient lighting project and could use a controller with out-of-the-box iOS and Andriod support, you might want to check out the iGloLEDset from MEA Mobile. They've currently got a 5V kit that comes with a nice iOS/Android app to mix color gradients on-the-fly from... Read more »

Cyber Monday at O’Reilly


If you recently acquired an ebook reader, tablet, or smartphone and are looking to expand your technical library with quality ebook and video titles, then you’ll be happy to know that today you can save 50% on all ebooks and videos from That means that copy of Encyclopedia of... Read more »

Magnetic Appcessories with Andrea Bianchi


Tangible interface researcher Andrea Bianchi, along with his colleague, Ian Oakley (University of Madeira / Carnegie Mellon Europe), have come with a novel approach to interacting with a mobile device. Using the magnetometer built into most modern smartphones, Bianchi and Oakley have created a series of tangible user interface demonstrations... Read more »