Support Action Kivu

Alissa Carlton, of Handmade by Alissa, checked in with us to let us know about the third annual Action Kivu fundraiser. Action Kivu helps women who are victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo by teaching them to sew at a sewing workshop. Action Kivu also pays for children to... Read more »

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 05: Parrot USA, Most Repairable

Parrot USA Makeys 2012 01

The Parrot.AR drone teardown on iFixIt saw one of the highest repairability scores that our pals over there have ever awarded. They cite the Parrot.AR's repair-friendly design, the use of easily demountable fasteners, connectors, and subassemblies, and great repair support from Parrot itself, including readily available replacement parts and a... Read more »

August is Metals Month

Continuous casting copper disc (99.95% pure), macro etched, ∅ ≈83 mm, by Heinrich Pniok.

Well, what's left of August is Metals Month, I should say. A broad subject, to be sure, and with only a couple of weeks to explore it, I want to be fairly ruthless about focusing on interesting and unusual metals themselves, and processes for working with them, rather than more... Read more »

Maker Camp and Adam Savage, Live Tomorrow 10am PDT

Photo by Cody Pickens

Our online virtual summer camp, Maker Camp, has been getting unprecedented access to places like NASA, NatGeo, and the Smithsonian. Tomorrow is no exception. We will be broadcasting live from Adam Savage’s Man Cave. He will show us his epic setup, and we will ask him all about his life... Read more »