I’d like to be under the sea

This amazing artwork, by Jason de Caires Taylor, has been making the viral socmedia rounds. Taylor casts life-size cement sculptures of people, animals, furniture, and then submerges them off the coast of South America. Hauntingly beautiful. Imagine scuba diving and coming upon a guy typing at a desk. Awesome. [Thanks,... Read more »

Sound Bubbles

Musician and musical robot maker Charlie Williams created this fun art piece with a combination of OpenCV (an open-source computer vision toolkit that provides, among many things, facial recognition) and Processing. more info, including the opportunity to download the code and play with it yourself! Read more »

To see the world inside a toilet paper roll…

It’s a dreary, rainy day here in Virginia. Stuck inside the house, if I had young kids, this would make a fun activity, the kids probably tittering the whole time about building worlds inside of toilet paper tubes. We’ve covered Anastassia Elias’ work here in the past, but it bears... Read more »

Paint + windshield wiper = rainbow machine

Becky spotted this delightful improvisation from Dutch artist Helmut Smits. Now we need somebody to put a printer in a windshield wiper blade that can print out graphics across the windshield and/or wipe them off on command. Or maybe a windshield wiper POV display? [via CRAFT] Read more »

Brad Litwin at HOPE

There are some great presenters and exhibitors here at HOPE. Besides the usual suspects: Adafruit, EFF, Sparkle Labs, No Starch Press, there are a number of new faces. One of those is Brad Litwin, here with the folks from The Hacktory in Philadelphia, PA. We’ve covered Brad’s wonderful kinetic sculptures... Read more »

Applied Kinetic Arts: Benjamin Cowden interview

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Applied Kinetic Arts (A.K.A.) is an artist collective made up of kinetic artists who each bring their own unique aesthetic and skill set to the crew. From their site, “Works incorporating motion, light, sound, and interactivity are represented by the group’s ever expanding... Read more »

Baling wire Jansen walker

Theo Jansen, the Dutch kinetic sculptor that inspired a way of mechanical walking, has done it again. We’ve seen versions of his walking machines rendered in plastic tubing, laser-cut plastic sheet, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, Legos. And now, baling wire, thanks to MAKE subscriber Brandon Gruber (Vista, CA). Baling Wire... Read more »