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Applied Kinetic Arts at Maker Faire

I was thrilled to host a panel discussion yesterday at Maker Faire with some of my favorite kinetic artists: Nemo Gould, Ben Cowden, Reuben Margolin, and Greg Brotherton. I was joined on the panel by Amy Brotherton, co-owner of Device Gallery in San Diego. The talk was entitled “Fantastic Contraption:... Read more »

New Nemo Gould piece at Maker Faire

One of my fave found-object artists/kinetic sculptors, Nemo Gould, is going to be at Maker Faire again this year. He’ll be there as part of the Applied Kinetic Arts group which also includes Benjamin Cowden, Jonathan Foote, Carl Pisaturo, Kal Spelletich, Greg Brotherton, Christopher T Palmer, Alan Rorie, Mark Galt,... Read more »

Crafting for guys

From an item called DIY Dangerous Toy – The Universel Cycle Buddhist temple made from beer bottles Bicycle table I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m a dude who crafts. I like altering books, journaling, papercraft, rubber stamping, mail art, making stickers, and… God help me for saying this …... Read more »

The automata of Keith Newstead

Keith Newstead is an “automatist” who makes the most amazing kinetic mechanical sculptures. Here are a couple of his pieces, recently posted to YouTube. Keith Newstead Automata [via Dug North] More: Cabaret Mechanical Theatre – A Museum of Automata (mechanical sculpture) Designing automata kit & cabaret mechanical movement Read more »