The Mummy’s “Book of The Dead” prop

We recently had a question from a reader about this prop. "Connie" wrote in wanting to know how to replicate the mechanism that, in the movie, is used to unlock The Book's cover. Never having seen The Mummy, I went into research mode and enqueued it from Netflix. Then I... Read more »

Ask MAKE: Kid-powered battery charger

Ask MAKE is a weekly column where we answer reader questions, like yours. Write them in to [email protected] drop us a line on Twitter. We can’t wait to tackle your conundrums! Phil writes in with an interesting question: When I found out about this neat Ubuntu tablet that is powered... Read more »

Ask MAKE: Get your project featured on Make

We occasionally receive really cool projects that we would like to publish, however they just don't have quite enough information for us to figure them out. So, here are some tips about documenting your projects in a way that makes them accessible. Read more »