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Frank Kovac and his Homemade Planetarium

Starting in 1995, Frank Kovac took ten years constructing amechanical globe planetarium of his own design despite having no prior engineering experience. The Kovac Planetarium in Monico Wisconsin is only the fourth of its kind ever built as well as being the largest in history at 4000 pounds and 22... Read more »

How-To: Backyard Astronomical Observatory

Instructables user and aerospace engineer maewert shows us how to turn a backyard shed into a personal astronomical observatory. By modding the roof of a shed so that it can slide off (either manually or driven by a garage door opener), you too can be ready for celestial observation at... Read more »

How-To: Build a star-tracker for your camera

The best stellar photography requires long exposure times to capture the dimmer stars. The problem with long exposures of the night sky, of course, is that it moves. Or rather, it appears to move. So if you don't have some way of keeping your camera pointed at the same location... Read more »