Happy Birthday BeagleBoard.org!


All of us at MAKE would like to wish a happy 5th birthday to BeagleBoard.org, the nonprofit organization behind the popular open source embedded Linux boards which include the BeagleBoard, the BeagleBone and the newest addition to the family, the BeagleBone Black. The organization’s founders, Jason Kridner and Gerald Coley... Read more »

BeagleBone Lego Motor Control Board

CircuitCo’s Motor Cape with NXT allows you to control up to 8 Mindstorms motors with a BeagleBone microcontroller. Alas, the board doesn’t accept data from sensors or from the encoders built into Lego’s motors. You can preorder the board on Boardzoo and they also have a version with terminals blocks. Read more »

A Sneak Peek at the New BeagleBone


The folks at Beagleboard.org are teasing us with a sneak peek of the newest version the of the BeagleBone, their embedded Linux development board. According to the post on their site, the new board comes at a lower price, touts more processing power, and has an on-board HDMI port so... Read more »