Big Weekend for Bay Area Young Makers


We have another two wonderful Young Maker/Open Make events happening in the San Francisco Bay Area Saturday, March 16. Just like last month, you'll have to pick just one of these two happenings because they occur simultaneously on opposite ends of the Bay. Each offers a flurry of activity that... Read more »

“Heads Down” Display for Bicycles

Bike Projector Heads Down Display In Motion

So far the coolest thing I've seen at SXSW has been this clever early-stage prototype from our own Matt Richardson. It's a "dynamic bike headlight" which can project your speed (and other useful information) onto the road surface in front of you. Matt showed off the proof-of-concept build, this morning,... Read more »

Breathing Bike Scrubs Your Air as You Pedal


There’s been a lot of talk about the pollution problem in Beijing lately. Last month, the air quality index there hit 755, going well beyond the top of the scale (which is set at 500). Matt Hope‘s defense against the enormous problem is the Breathing Bike, a bicycle that cleans... Read more »

Generator Bicycle


Introduction How would you or anyone you know like to generate their own electricity? How about generating enough electricity to accomplish a useful task like run a TV or a blender? Picture a party where people make their own frozen drinks. It is something most people never get a chance... Read more »

Bike-Portable Workbench

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 11:07 pm

It’s easy to put the toolbox and workmate in the trunk of my car and drive to the next job, but there has to be a more environmentally friendly solution if I am working near my house. Today, I will show you a DIY mobile toolbox and workbench that folds... Read more »