Make: Live 4/13/11 – Bikes, Basics to Extremes (video)

Make: Live ep06 is all about bikes! Thanks to our guests Nick Normal and William Thomas Porter. Catch up on video and notes from the show here. Want to show us your project? Upload a video or photos and send a link to [email protected] Subscribe to the MAKE Podcast in... Read more »

Skill Builder: The Build a Bike Comic Book

When I posted the “Bre Builds a Bike” piece here last night, I neglected to include a link to the PDF that originally accompanied the Weekend Project. It’s a sweet little comic book that recaps the salient features of the video and includes this nice display of rudimentary bike tools.... Read more »

Skill Builder: Bre Builds a Bike

On this video from the vault (Weekend Projects, 2007), Bre Pettis and his friend Dave Neff bodge together a bike for Bre from several trashed bikes. Build a Single Speed Bike – Make: Video Podcast More: See all of our bike coverage on MAKE Follow the Bike Shop Skill Builder... Read more »

Skill Builder: Bike Chain Repair

For our bike theme and Skill Builder series this month, we’ve asked mountain bike racer Chris Nodder to help us out. Chris is the author of Bike Boo Boos, a book (and website) about fixing bikes when you’re on the trail and need to fix your ride on the fly.... Read more »

Old Bike Refresh

There are a lot of old, broken down bikes out there — we have at least one in our garage. It’s a good bike. It’s a little beaten and bruised, a little rusty, but a quick strip-down, a few fresh coats of paint, some lubrication, new tires, maybe a new... Read more »

Skill Builder: April is Bike Month!

This month’s skill set is a little different than the previous Electronics, Woodworking, and Mechanics series. For starters, we tweaked the name. We think Skill Builder has a more active ring to it, more about the process than the thing. Increasingly, we want to get you, the maker community, more... Read more »