Mindstorms Robotic Hand

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 10.32.35 AM

Lego builder Barman makes an amazing stab at creating a fully functional Lego hand. My favorite detail is the motor that makes the fingers spread apart, which is a humanlike feature that most robot builders neglect. The hand holds 4 NXT motors to control the fingers and thumb. The 4... Read more »

Jellyfish Tank


A tank of healthy jellyfish is hypnotically beautiful. Unfortunately, jellies can’t live in a regular aquarium because they get sucked into the filtration pumps or trapped in “dead spots” at the edges. This special design creates a laminar flow that keeps jellies safely suspended in the middle of the tank. Read more »

The Truth Meter


By Sean M. Montgomery and Ira M. Laefsky Excerpted from a Primer on Biosensing in MAKE Volume 26. When you experience an arousing stimulus, like an evocative question, a startling noise, or even a disturbing thought, your body generates a variety of psychophysical responses. One of these is micro-pulses of... Read more »

Home Molecular Genetics


Working directly with DNA isn't only for the labs of CSI, agribusiness, and headline-grabbing research institutions. It's basic chemistry, but it uses the molecules of life. You can even do it at home. This project explains how you can isolate and even "fingerprint" some of your own DNA. Read more »