NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Bugs Save The World


Craig Venter’s Bugs Might Save the World – In the menagerie of Craig Venter’s imagination, tiny bugs will save the world. They will be custom bugs, designer bugs — bugs that only Venter can create. He will mix them up in his private laboratory from bits and pieces of... Read more »

The Immortal — a Circuit of Organ Replacement Machines


The Immortal is a work of art by Revital Cohen. A number of life-support machines are connected to each other, circulating liquids and air in attempt to mimic a biological structure. The Immortal investigates human dependence on electronics, the desire to make machines replicate organisms and our perception of anatomy... Read more »

Lego Hermit Crab Shell

Harry the Hermit Crab in his Lego shell

This is "Harry," a hermit crab who lives in a rock pool at Legoland Windsor, sporting a brightly colored shell custom made from Lego elements by the staff, who emphasize that Harry was not forced to endorse their product, choosing his new home over the traditional seashells that were offered... Read more »

Bones of Blue Plasma

Eric Franklin Montage

Part of a series of skeletal gas discharge lamps from sculptor Eric Franklin. This one is called Embodiment. Franklin's work makes a nice compliment to Jessica Lloyd-Jones' neon organs, which we posted about last week. Read more »