Zines Pop Up Underground in the New York Subway


Whoever would have thought you'd be able to buy and read zines (arty, punky, small-circulation magazines) on the New York City subway? Well, you can, at least until July 20th, thanks to The Newsstand, a curious and cool pop-up shop in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Avenue station. Read more »

Book Giveaway: Polymer Clay Master Class


Polymer clay is a relative newcomer to the world of craft materials. Although it looks and feels like pottery clay, polymer clay does not require a super-hot kiln — when you're done molding your object, you can just pop it in your home oven and it will harden in about... Read more »

Cyber Monday at O’Reilly


If you recently acquired an ebook reader, tablet, or smartphone and are looking to expand your technical library with quality ebook and video titles, then you’ll be happy to know that today you can save 50% on all ebooks and videos from oreilly.com. That means that copy of Encyclopedia of... Read more »