Costume Piece Molded from 3D-Printed Parts

Screen shot 2012-04-21 at 3.31.06 PM

James Bruton of Southampton, UK, (whose DIY vacuum forming machine project was featured on the blog) wrote in to share his technique for molding and casting parts for his Iron Man costume. I designed this part for my life size iron Man suit in Autodesk 123D and had it printed... Read more »

Enlarging Casting Resin

HydroSpan 100

HydroSpan 100, from Houston-based Industrial Polymers Corporation, is billed as “a 3 dimensional copy machine enlarging any shape or design in near perfect proportion and detail.” Shown uppermost, a Morgan silver dollar from 1896, enlarged via three generations of HydroSpan 100 casting to about the size of a salad plate.... Read more »