Heart mold from homebrew silicone

Greg comments on his difficulties with the stiff consistency of the cornstarch / caulk mixture, which seems like a germane time to mention a comment on last night's Oogoo post from W. Aaron Waychoff, who claims to have had success using glycerine as an additive instead of cornstarch. [Thanks, Greg,... Read more »

How-To: Make cheap castable silicone from caulk

Turns out, though, that mixing in some cornstarch accelerates the drying process; just how much depends on how much starch you add. The author recommends starting with a 1:1 mix. I'm not sure about his explanation that the process works because the hygroscopic starch carries moisture into the internal volume... Read more »

Choosing a silicone for casting soft buttons


MAKE pal Steve Cooley, who manufactures the Beatseqr hardware performance controller, has posted the lab notes from his recent experiments with various silicone products for casting monolithic soft button arrays. I love it when people do this--the steps and missteps that happen along the way are often as interesting, and... Read more »