Smart Bike Tweeted its Cross-Country Journey

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Precious is the name of the sensor laden anthropomorphized bicycle modified by New York makers Zolty, Mattias Gunneras, and Michael Lipton of Breakfast. The project started when its rider, Janeen, had decided to ride across the US on the TransAmerica Trail to raise money for LIVESTRONG. The crew at Breakfast... Read more »

DIY Smartphone LED Ring Light


A ring flash will get you a shot with uniform lighting without harsh shadows. Lighting blogger Simon Ellingworth whipped up this LED variant for smartphones using a UFO-style camping light, a cheap smartphone case, and some velcro. You’ll obviously have to tweak your settings to achieve the effect you want,... Read more »

Snakes on a Game

Snake: Starting and ending screens

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these blankety-blank snakes on this blankety-blank, um...ARM...Cortex-M0, ah, microcontroller." Right, so, apologies are now due to hardworking Hack a Day writer Mike Szczys for reducing his latest tasty MCU project to a perfunctory SamJack joke. In point of fact... Read more »

New in the Maker Shed: NFC Shield and Tags


This NFC Shield for Arduino (available in the Maker Shed) is a great way to experiment with NFC. What's NFC you ask? It's an extension of RFID with a purposefully decreased range, making it great for projects where security is a consideration. Read more »