Iphone Camera Identifies Resistor Values


Speaking from experience, I've gone through the madness of sorting hundreds of resistors. Even if you have sharp vision and good color discrimination, it's a challenging chore. Rich Olson of Nothing Labs coded an Iphone app that allows you to simply take a picture of the resistor, drag bar shaped... Read more »

App Inventor Now Open to All


Back in January App Inventor made the transition from Google to the MIT Center for Mobile Learning. For those of you that were interested in using the product going forward, take note that the project has launched the MIT App Inventor Open Beta Preview, which opens the service to anyone... Read more »

Sketch and Print in 3D from Android


Folks over at House4Hack in Johannesburg are developing an app, called Paint3D, that will allow you to sketch and print directly to a 3D printer from your Android device. Their app allows you to create an extruded polygon mesh that's then converted to GCode, stored on an SD card, and... Read more »

Wall Mount Retro iPhone Handset


We’ve covered North Carolina maker Scott Freeland‘s work before. His retro-futuristic hand-cast urethane iRetrophone docs are streamlined and functional with a touch of old world craftsmanship and polish. If you don’t have the counter space for the traditional tabletop model, you might find the wall mount version a more convenient... Read more »