Laser-cut iPad Stand


What happens to all those mobile device accessories once the device they accessorized have become landfill? That's what the folks at Berlin's weltunit were thinking when they made these laser-cut cardboard device stands. They're available for both iPad and iPhone form factors and made using recycled cardboard and carbon neutral... Read more »

Android Controlled Garage Door Opener


Relays can do cool stuff when you hook them up to the Internet. Check out XDA member JsChiSurf demonstrate his Android controlled garage door opener. Using an old Linux box connected to a serial relay, he's able to toggle his garage door opener using a custom app from his Android... Read more »

Analog Video Mixer for iPhone


Conceived as a simple way to record both sides of a conversation in a single shot for a documentary about love filmed in Paris, The Love Box has a name more likely to elicit a stare rather than a split screen. It achieves its effect using a single mirror mounted... Read more »

Gorilla Glass

Four-point glass strength test

Reportedly, fully 20 percent—some 200 million—of the world’s mobile devices incorporate a clear cover made of Corning’s Gorilla Glass brand toughened aluminosilicate glass. Depending on the particular test used to make the determination, Gorilla Glass is seven or eight times stronger than the common soda-lime glasses used, for instance, in... Read more »

Kinect Controlled Android 4.0 Projection


It's not quite as dramatic as Minority Report, but this ad hoc presentation by Kinect hacker DDRBoxman of Recursive Penguin seems to have recreated something strikingly similar to the gestural interface from the 2002 blockbuster running on a Galaxy Nexus handset. Read more »

Android Geiger Counter


Use the camera in your Android smartphone to detect radiation with the Radioactivity Counter app from Rolf-Dieter Klein. Just place a small piece of black tape over the camera lens, calibrate for ambient noise, and you’ll be ready to take readings in no time. The app uses the device’s built-in... Read more »