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How-To: Trashcan Raku Kiln

Popular Mechanics' Trashcan Raku Kiln Cutaway

Without risking oversimplifying the matter, I think I can safely say that one of the many appealing aspects of raku pottery is its accessibility, especially in terms of equipment. A raku firing need only achieve 1000°C, which is at the low end of the potter's temperature scale, and easily achieved... Read more »

The Leach Treadle Wheel

Leach Treadle Wheel Blueprint Section

Though electrically-powered wheels are of course common, today, many potters still prefer to throw on a human-powered wheel. Whether chosen for aesthetic purposes, out of a sense of traditionalism, or simply for exercise, these human-powered designs usually incorporate a heavy flywheel which is brought up to speed, and kept there,... Read more »