MAKE at CES 2013: Sifteo Cubes


For the upcoming MAKE Volume 33, David Merrill contributed an article called Going Pro, about how makers are turning hand-soldered prototypes into real consumer electronics. He’s here in the Gaming Showcase section at CES showing off Sifteo Cubes, an interactive gaming platform that uses small cubes with embedded sensors and... Read more »

MAKE at CES 2013: Geeking Out with Engadget


Last night after the show floor closed, I visited our friends from Engadget for their nightly CES podcast. Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens and Senior Associate Editor Brian Heater, the show starts with a visit from Gallagher. Yes, that Gallagher. Interestingly enough, he owns a few patents, Read more »

MAKE at CES 2013: Intel Ultrabook Tree


One of the first things I saw when I entered CES yesterday was the incredible tree that sits at the corner of Intel’s booth in Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The leaves of the tree are made out of Ultrabooks which are networked together. At the foot... Read more »

MAKE at CES 2013: Hello from Las Vegas!


Hello from Las Vegas! I’m at International CES this week looking for interesting technology and electronics. Of course, since this is MAKE, this won’t be your typical CES coverage. I’ll be looking past the dazzling booths and big screen televisions for the stuff that makers are interested in like 3D... Read more »