Nixie Tube Chess Set

Nixie Chess Set Detail

This beautifully conceived and executed chess set was made using vintage Russian Nixie tubes. The tubes are illuminated without visible wires; they glow when at rest on the gameboard surface. Kudos to Tony of Lasermad for producing what, IMHO, is quite clearly a masterpiece. Read more »

Chess à la Voltron

Action #Chess by cymon

Say hello to Thing #19733 from Joseph Larson of Provo, UT, aka Thingiverse user cymon. It's his entry in the just-closed TinkerCAD Chess Set Design Challenge. You can browse all 250+ entries.... Read more »

How-To: Giant Chess Set

Slot together giant chess set with small human for scale

I like this new project from former Instructables artist-in-residence Jayefuu for a lot of reasons, but firstly, probably, because I've been down the same road. I've wanted a giant chess set for awhile, but, as he says... Read more »

Alien vs. Predator Chess Set

DeviantArtist "Joker-laugh" built this amazing AVM chess set which has recently been wowing the geek blogosphere. He doesn't say much about the making of the pieces, but on the creation of the board, he writes Read more »