Codebox: Save sensor data to Google Spreadsheets

This Codebox shows you how to save sensor data to a Google Spreadsheet. Although this example uses the simple photo resistor sensor described in Chapter 11 of Getting Started with Processing, you can use this technique for type of sensor. For example, you could log data from a Parallax GPS... Read more »

Make a networked face sensor with Processing

This Codebox explores how to use a web server to collect sensor data from a Processing sketch. As an example, we'll use OpenCV to periodically detect and report number of faces that appear in your webcam's field of view. You might use something like this at a conference or art... Read more »

Codebox: Amuse yourself with Google Autocomplete

Google's Autocomplete can be hilarious, tragic, or deeply indicative of the human condition. Often, it's all of these at once. This sketch lets you explore the zeitgeist of any phrase by pulling 260 related suggestions from Autocomplete and presenting them in a "Star Wars" scroll. Read more »