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Collin's Lab: Custom fit earbuds

I’ve used quite a variety of sound-isolating personal audio gear; around-ear cans, in-ear buds, as well as active noise-canceling models. All of these posed problems for me in one way or another. Most often, it came down to issues with comfort and how well each design could maintain a good... Read more »

Collin's Lab: DIY iPad Stylus

Fingertip input is great for most touchscreen usage like typing, web-browsing – all sorts of virtual button-pushing tasks. But for many people, drawing remains an activity best approached with a pen, pencil, brush, etc. With a bit of conductive foam and wire, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own conductive... Read more »

Collin's Lab: DIY Sci-fi

Inspired by last month’s DIY Movie Making theme, I present to you the above-seen piece of homegrown science fiction. While waiting patiently for what is likely the galaxy’s slowest turbolift, spacefaring duo Metalmags(Erica Magrey) & The Alien Ambassador(yours truly) take a casual stroll through the seams of their own chroma-keyed... Read more »

Collin's Lab: Kit-making

When recently faced with the dauntingly tedious task of assembling my first-ever batch of electronics kits, I was lucky enough to have the ever-helpful eye of seasoned kit-maker Becky Stern close by. While observing my one-man assembly ‘process’, Becky advised a more efficient, modular assembly line technique using intermediary storage... Read more »


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