Component of the Month: The Transistor


Each month this year, we’re exploring a different electronic component, delving into what it is, how it works, and how you use it in projects. Last month we covered capacitors, and before that we looked at LEDs and diodes. This month we examine tranistors! Read more »

Rebuilding Old Capacitors


Check out this great tutorial by Don Fox over on Make: Projects, describing how to rebuild vintage caps using smaller modern capacitors inside the old housing. When working in an old TV, audio amplifier, or turntable, invariably I will run across capacitors of all types, paper, mica, electrolytic, etc…. Generally... Read more »

Ultracapacitor Experiments

Jesse Holleran's quirky video demonstrates a bunch of experiments he did with a 3,000-farad capacitor, including welding two pieces of metal together melting a paper clip, and electrolyzing water into oxygen and hydrogen. Read more »