The Great Concrete Canoe Race

Berkeley CybearOne Concrete Canoe 2011

For me, Concrete Month has been about discovering all kinds of amazing uses for a material that, before, had seemed pretty mundane. But among engineers, that sentiment—that concrete can do so much more than we normally ask of it—is not new. Case in point: the concrete canoe phenomenon. Read more »

Concrete Business Cards


French design group Murmure made this set of concrete business cards. They're memorable, but I'm not sure I'd like to squeeze even one into my wallet. From a design perspective, Murmure notes the clean look of the typography, set against the roughness of the material used. Read more »

Notes on a Garage Geopolymer Prep

Geopolymer samples

"Geopolymers" have been called "super cements." They are commonly made in academic labs, but so far I haven't found a good DIY prep for hands-on learners. I've run down a couple of sources and compiled a (still untested) procedure for making small geopolymer stone objects in the garage. Comments welcome. Read more »

Concrete Speakers

Linski - Concrete Speakers - "Exposed"

The thing about speakers, of course, is that there's not really any good way, that I can think of, to convey their most important functional quality online: How do they sound? Still, these prototypes from industrial designer Shmuel Linski look so good I couldn't pass 'em up Read more »