Bench Made from Upcycled Wood and Concrete


Using wood end pieces from other projects, A&Ré design mated the resulting slab to simple and clean looking legs made from fiber concrete. The legs were made in collaboration with betonWare, making for a unique look while still being sturdy. The result is called the Essence Bench, a piece of... Read more »

The Concrete Lathe Project

Concrete Lathe

The origin of mechanical precision is a classic chicken-and-egg problem: If you need a precision machine tool to make a precision machine tool, where do precision machine tools come from, in the first place? Read more »

How-To: Mix and Mold GFRC

GFRC countertop with integral sink by Brandon Gore

Concrete expert Brandon Gore, whose work we recently featured, wrote this great pair of articles on mixing and applying glass-fiber reinforced concrete. This is hard-to-find information and Brandon presents it very well, with plenty of pictures to show you what's going on. Read more »

Patterned Concrete Tables


Kami of Austin Tinkering School wrote in to share these cool concrete tables that her friend Elena Eidelberg created. She works in ceramics but has been experimenting a lot with concrete this year and I think she’s been making some amazing stuff. She’s casting into high relief fabrics and then... Read more »