Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Knit Bow Headband

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Knit Bow Headband

By Stefanie Fail This was a little bow that I created a while back for a friend’s birthday present, but now I’m thinking of creating these little bows for everything. Necklaces? Bracelets? Bow ties? The knit bow headband pattern is pretty simple here, and you really only need the idea... Read more »

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Lazy Weekend Sweater

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Lazy Weekend Sweater

By Nikol Lohr With the slouchy, comfy fit of your favorite old t-shirt and a removable hood that can be worn independently, this oversized short-sleeved sweater is perfect for three seasons of layering. Designed in textured reverse stockinette, it’s knit inside out to avoid excess purling. But because it’s worked... Read more »