Flashback: LEGO Display Case

Flashback: LEGO Display Case

By Lish Dorset When I was in elementary school reading The Indian in the Cupboard, I was fascinated with the book’s cover art. I stared – probably when I should have been reading in class – for hours at the cupboard the figurines lived in and wondered which of my... Read more »

Flashback: Make Earrings from Electrical Parts

Flashback: Make Earrings from Electrical Parts

By Brookelynn Morris I love to go to the electronics store. The one in my neighborhood is called HSC, and it’s a warehouse of random parts and pieces. They have entire aisles dedicated just to switches, another just for attachments, and an entire room of wire. I have been known... Read more »

Flashback: Make a Storage Garland for Softies

Flashback: Make a Storage Garland for Softies

By Jessica Wilson A long time ago in a literary galaxy far, far away, I was a children’s bookseller extraordinaire. I ran an enormous department with very little display space for non-book items and found myself invaded with a plethora of plush toys and bath books. Our solution was a... Read more »

Flashback: Felted Eggs for Spring

Flashback: Felted Eggs for Spring

By Brookelynn Morris Warm and soft, lamb’s wool is the perfect material for a spring time craft. These sweet felted Easter egg vignettes are precious, and make wonderful and lasting gifts. Wet felting is easy and quick and with a bit of patience, even cutting the shell is not very... Read more »

Flashback: Carrot Treat Boxes

Flashback: Carrot Treat Boxes

By Jeromina Juan Easter bunnies, make way! We, too, are digging carrots this spring. These bright carrot treat boxes are yours to make this season with our free printable. Download the PDF Right click to save the PDF to your desktop. Directions on downloading PDFs. Read more »

Flashback: Colorful Canvas Containers


By Sonya Nimri For those of us who have painted a wall or two, have an extra drop cloth lying around, and need containers for our craft supplies, this project cannot be beat. It’s economical, highly functional, and easily coordinated with your home décor. It’s just a bit of simple... Read more »

Flashback: Kids’ Kitchen: Dyeing Easter Eggs


By Katie Goodman Nothing quite says spring like pastel-colored Easter eggs, and many of us probably have fond memories of coloring them with our mothers or hunting for the brightly colored eggs hidden amongst tall grass and trees. Dyeing hard-boiled eggs is a fun afternoon activity to do with children... Read more »