Finish Your Trinkets with This DIY Faux Enamel

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Here’s a fun tutorial that was used in a DIY project found in a past issue of Make: — the “EZ-Make Oven.” It featured an incandescent bulb, as a heat source, built into a paint can for baking plastisol creatures, aka Creepy Crawlers! Here is how you can make something else with the EZ-Make... Read more »

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Crochet Tiger Kitty

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: Crochet Tiger Kitty

By Kristin Roach Aww…so sweet when this little tiger kitty is sleeping, you better hope to never meet him awake. Don’t let that sweet sleepy face surprise you; he’s the fiercest little tiger I know. Materials 10g – Fingering Weight Yarn, Color A 10g – Fingering Weight Yarn, Color B... Read more »

Cute and Crafty: Mini Plush Sewing Machine

Cute and Crafty: Mini Plush Sewing Machine

Get ready to make your sewing-obsessed pals very, very happy! Because, what stitcher doesn’t need a teeny tiny mini plush sewing machine? In the mood for a fun afternoon project? Add a touch of crafty cuteness to your sewing space with an adorable decorative mini plush sewing machine with this... Read more »

Kid Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaurs

Kid Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaurs

Raid your recycle bin for a day of crafty fun! This toilet paper roll dinosaurs project will help you transform trash into toys for an awesome prehistoric playtime. Toilet paper rolls are a craft time staple for pretty much every preschool parent I know, and with good reason. Most households... Read more »