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“Garbage Gods” Made From Twist Ties

Too many twist ties laying around in your junk drawer? You could always make them into an army of figurines from some sort of dystopian future, or at least that’s what Etsy user ionustron decided to do by creating these fascinating little works called “Garbage Gods.” [via Nag on the... Read more »

Troll Doll Light

Anyone who was a kid in the 90s recognizes troll dolls. For me, the memory is sandwiched in my brain somewhere between slap bracelets and Gak. Well, check out how Make: Projects user Joan Stanescu re-imagined the doll as a glowing troll doll light, replacing the iconic hair with a... Read more »

How-To: LEGO Key Holder

I’ll be honest: The combination of geeky awesomeness and organizational brilliance that came together to form this LEGO key holder tutorial from Kate at Mini Eco is kind of blowing my mind. I definitely feel a trip to the LEGO Store coming on. More: How-To: Lego Sewing Machine blog... Read more »

How-To: Tangram Travel Puzzle

Keep little minds and little fingers occupied during long car trips and vacation downtime with this tangram travel puzzle tutorial from Delia at Delia Creates! [Via One Pretty Thing] More: How-To: Make a Tangram Puzzle blog How-To: Heart Felt Tangram Puzzle blog How-To: Giant Outdoor Twister Game Read more »

How-To: Custom Yo-Yo Toy

Could yo-yos be making a comeback? I sure hope so, because that’s something that my inner 12-year-old could really get behind! Check out this custom yo-yo tutorial that Amy from Mod Podge Rocks! shared on Skip To My Lou’s Craft Camp. They’d be perfect for home decor, summertime gifts, or... Read more »

Decapitated Rat Head Catnip Toy

Artist Heather Muise crocheted a decapitated rat head and filled it with catnip in order to create a delightfully macabre cat toy. This probably seems totally normal to the cat. She also made a severed finger catnip toy, but I’m not sure that sends a message to the cat that... Read more »


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