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BMX DJ Interface


If you've ever thought that your BMX bike was lacking the requisite dj gear, you're in luck. Designed for an ad by Japanese bicycle sharing service Cogoo, the Turntable Rider adds a handlebar-mounted crossfader, jog wheel controller on the rim, and various other sensors to trigger preprogrammed loops to accompany... Read more »

How-To: Build a HAMP Nerf Blaster

HAMP demo video by KaneTheMediocre

Our “Better Nerf Gun” in MAKE Volume 29 is a beautifully overengineered Nerf dart blaster that’s built by metal lathing, woodworking, thread tapping, and other labors of love. You’d be proud to display it on the coffee table or above your cubicle as a warning to would-be office assailants. But... Read more »