BMX DJ Interface


If you've ever thought that your BMX bike was lacking the requisite dj gear, you're in luck. Designed for an ad by Japanese bicycle sharing service Cogoo, the Turntable Rider adds a handlebar-mounted crossfader, jog wheel controller on the rim, and various other sensors to trigger preprogrammed loops to accompany... Read more »

How-To: Giant Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

This homemade sidewalk chalk tutorial that Michelle from Modern Handmade Child shared on Oh My Handmade looks like a ton of crafty fun! The jumbo pieces of chalk are perfect for little hands, and look like they’d last through days and days of creative sidewalk play, even with the post... Read more »

How-To: Felt Fairy Wands

Do you have a fairy princess at home? Maker her a lovely stitched wand with this felt fairy wand tutorial from Wee Folk Art. You can download a free PDF of the pattern over on the site! More: How-To: Giant Bubble Wands blog How-To: Princess Hat blog HOW... Read more »

Create 3D Models of Buildings with a UAV


Using an octocopter UAV and its 123D Catch software, CAD software maker Autodesk was able to capture a 3D model of its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, CA. The model itself was generated from aerial photos taken from the UAV and processed with their 123D photogrammetry software. Read more »

How-To: Build a HAMP Nerf Blaster

HAMP demo video by KaneTheMediocre

Our “Better Nerf Gun” in MAKE Volume 29 is a beautifully overengineered Nerf dart blaster that’s built by metal lathing, woodworking, thread tapping, and other labors of love. You’d be proud to display it on the coffee table or above your cubicle as a warning to would-be office assailants. But... Read more »