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Quick ‘n Dirty: Countersink


Maker extraordinaire Craig Smith shared another quick work tip with us: Sometimes I grab the cordless drill/driver, some screws, and perhaps a small pilot drill bit on a quick construction/repair project. The screws would be better if they were 100% flush and I didn’t grab a countersink bit, or perhaps... Read more »

Tape Measure Notepad

Image (1) tapeMeasureNote-580x435.jpg for post 170456

If you ever had a project with a lot of measuring in one area, with a lot of cutting in another, you’ll do this to your measuring tape. (Ever put up drywall?) By simply sanding the shine off of the plastic casing on a measuring tape, you have a writeable... Read more »

Impressive Tuner Coil

Craig Smith of Firefly Workshop (South Milwaukee, WI) With my crystal radio projects, I recently made a dual coil variometer tuner. Connected to a diode, crystal earphone, antenna & ground wires (no batteries) I tuned in 1540 KXCL Waterloo Iowa from 270 miles away here in Milwaukee. The coils were... Read more »

Altoids Tin Radio

The awesome Craig Smith is at it again. He continues to explore the venerable crystal radio, now focusing on miniaturization. And that, of course, means on thing: Mint Tin Crystal Set! Craig writes… I’ve made a half dozen battery-free crystal radios in about eight weeks. But I always wanted to... Read more »