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Homebrewed Gear Puller

Make: Online regular Craig Smith wrote in with a clever fix for his durable no-name electric drill: Six years ago I bought a cheap off brand cordless drill for work. My namebrand loving co-workers give me grief for it, but it does the job year after year at a fraction... Read more »

Lovely junk-built crystal radio

Craig Smith (South Milwaukee, WI) writes: With all of the junk I accumulated, I thought it would be neat to make a crystal radio as a low impact project in the evenings. I unwound the coated wire from a small useless 115V brushless motor that I almost tossed out several... Read more »

Borged-out car

Craig Smith, whose work has appeared in this blog numerous times (see links below) is at it again: My wife went to visit family this weekend. So left by myself, something geek-like is bound to happen. I started cutting and forming plastic sheets, assembling doo-dads and modifying my car. The... Read more »