Meet Detroit Maker Carlos Neilbock

carlos with molds

If you went to Maker Faire Detroit or looked at pictures of almost anyone who attended, then you have glimpsed Carlos Neilbock’s work. His first piece was prominently installed and towering — a large windmill made from discarded items including a collection of repurposed satellite dishes, a truck axle with... Read more »

Maker Faire Detroit: Day Two

R2-D2 thrills young makers with his full functionality --movement, beeping, and personality.

Maker Faire Detroit was hopping on the second and final day of the Faire.  There was so much to see and do that today's installment of images is just shy of double the number from Day One. No matter how many images you look at there is no substitute for... Read more »

Maker Faire Detroit: Day One

Just a Maker taking the wheel out for a spin.

The Henry Ford is once again the host for the 4th annual Maker Faire Detroit. The combination of Detroit's rich history as a city that made almost everything plus makers from all over the Midwestern United States and Southern Canada yields an excitement and vibrance unlike other Faires. Read more »

The Remaking of Detroit

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 11.13.53 AM

Detroit is a modern wonder. You'd be hard pressed to find an American city that rose so high and fell so far. At the height of its stature as the Motor City in 1950s, Detroit had a population of about 2 million. White flight to suburbs, the decline of the... Read more »


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