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Arduino-Controlled Drawing Robot


acorv built this sweet drawing arm* with an Arduino Uno and motor shield, two steppers and a servo, Meknex building set parts, and a Nintendo DS touch screen to guide it. Also see the previous version* previous version to see how the project evolved. [via Arduino] *Google translated from Spanish. Read more »

Make: Philly’s ArtBots

Our pals at Make: Philly held their latest meeting on Sept 14th. They had a speaker, world-renowned robotics Professor, Dr. Mark Yim, who’s currently a professor at Penn and formerly Stanford. Dr. Yim’s research focuses on modular reconfigurable robots and locomotion (“PolyBots”), MEMS, and batch fabrication techniques. After his talk,... Read more »

Spiderbot learns to draw

We’ve blogged before about Matt Denton’s amazing spiderbot hexapod. Here he’s outfitted it with a pen and turned it into a programmable drawbot. Hexapod Robot CNC Router [via] Related: Stunning Spiderbot Read more »

Drawbot corral

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Looks like pool member Nortis had a lot of fun building drawbots and setting them loose inside a makeshift art-corral. Check out more of the organized chaos on Flickr – Drawbot photo set Related: HOW TO – Make a Kid’s “Draw Bot” Make Podcast:... Read more »