Projects With Ryan Slaugh: DIY gas Leak Detector

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 4.55.48 PM

The Atmospheric Gas Detector Kit, found in the Makershed, gives you the components needed to detect different kinds of gases. In this episode of "Projects with Ryan Slaugh", we will go through the steps of setting up the base experiment from the book included with the kit. Read more »

Earthquake-Actuated Artbot


This bot visualizes earthquakes as splotches of paint, squirting paint color coded to the strength of each quake. Quakescape is a 3D fabricator that works by taking earthquake data from the site GeoNet ( and transferring it into the medium of art by using paint and Arduino technology. Quakescape creates... Read more »

December is Glass Month

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With November behind us, we're wrapping up our 2012 Year of Materials theme, this month, with a focus on glass. Glass, in the broadest sense of the term, does not imply any particular type of atomic or molecular composition, but rather a particular kind of ordering of atoms or molecules... Read more »

Hacker Scouts at Ace Monster Toys


Oakland’s AMT hackerspace spent last Sunday teaching kids about biospheres! Yesterday marked the inaugural Open Lab for our new adventure: Hacker Scouts. We had an amazing turnout with about 40 enthusiastic kids and their supportive parents! Our featured project was Biospheres, which half the kids decided to work on, while... Read more »

DIY Lava Flows

Credit: Jeffrey A. Karson

Want to get kids interested in science? Well, DIY Lava Flows are one extreme way to go about it. Earth Magazine reports on the Syracuse University Lava Project. Read more »

Metallurgical Eye Candy

Grey Cast Iron, 500x - Leila Bjerregaard, Struers A/S

Metallography is a method of materials analysis used to characterize the microscopic structure of a metal sample. Generally, the process involves cutting a sample from some object of interest, polishing its surface to high smoothness, and etching it with a chemical agent to highlight grain boundaries, inclusions, and other microstructural... Read more »